Groceryshop is a one-of-a-kind innovation event that includes CPG brands, supermarkets, drug stores, ecommerce players, and non-traditional grocery retailers. 
Designed large-scale print signage design, created animations for digital signage and videos, designed book covers, interior spreads, and more.
Marketing: Designed for a wide variety of both digital and print marketing campaigns, created original animations for banners, emails and videos.

Photograph of entrance sign installed at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Signage design:
Original art I created using Adobe Illustrator, featuring the portraits of people speaking at the event:
36' wide 11' tall registration desk art installed and backlit in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas:
Installed and backlit
Installed and backlit
Signage Art:
Printed and Installed:
Animated Digital Signage:
Examples of animated digital signs I created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects
Video highlights:

Video highlights of the 2019 Groceryshop Event

More Projects:

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