Project Overview:
Wolfson Children's Hospital wanted to create a specialized space that prioritizes the emotional well-being of their young patients. A room that establishes feelings of safety and inspires opportunities for relaxation and play.
As the lead Product Designer for the project, I drove the design lifecycle, from ideation to final asset creation. Starting with identifying the needs of the hospital patients and staff, I developed and illustrated design concepts that were both impactful and production-ready. Additionally, I led the design of the interactive digital elements, from wireframing to asset design, and collaborated with the development team to ensure their successful implementation. 
The waiting room of the pediatric ward at Wolfson Children's Hospital presented a challenge for the hospital and its patients. Families and children often experienced stress and anxiety when waiting for appointments, and the existing waiting room did little to alleviate those feelings. There was a need to create a welcoming, engaging space that would provide a positive distraction from the hospital experience and address the needs of children and their families. The hospital needed an experiential design solution that would enhance the waiting room experience and create a more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment.
Interviews of hospital staff were conducted and studies on the impact of hospital design on patient and family experiences during and after hospitalization were reviewed and discussed in preparation for the ideation process. Universal design principles and a human-centric design theory were utilized throughout the project timeline.
We created How Might We (HMW) questions and invited the rest of the company to generate ideas with us. Some of these questions included: "How might we make patients feel joyful when in the waiting room?", "How might we make the games accessible for younger and disabled patients?" and "How might we make games interesting and engaging for hospital guests?"
Creating Vector Assets:
High Fidelity Prototypes:
Development and Testing:
The waiting room has become a popular destination for children and families during their stay at Wolfson, providing a welcoming and engaging space that distracts from the stress of the hospital experience. The interactive elements have been a particular hit, providing a much-needed source of entertainment and distraction for children. 

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